Feb 1, 2024

Do It Now – Write It Down

Lizz Schneider, CFP®

Lizz Schneider, CFP®

Owner Founder

WHealthy Empowerment Network… If not now, W.H.E.N.?

Happy almost-third week of the new year!

Yes, this post is a little late. Actually, this is years late!

I have had “start posting empowering articles” on my New Year’s resolution list for years, but I am finally taking Nike’s advice to Just Do It!

I realize, and fear, that maybe no one looks at or reads my article – however, I know I can deal with that.

Maybe someone reads my article and thinks it’s stupid or doesn’t like my writing style or catches a grammatical error (the horror!) or, worse yet, makes a comment posting something mean, teasing, condescending…

I decided I can handle that.

Because if something I write helps to make one person out there feel better about themselves, if what I say encourages someone to take one baby step in the direction of their goals, then this is worth it.

And that is my first lesson: face your fears by taking one step in the direction of your goal.

You are strong enough to deal with your fears. You may not know it or believe it right now, but

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

My goal is to share ideas with you that will help you take the next step in achieving your goals, to feel better about who you are, to provide support when you feel like you’re alone.

This is a big world – and whether we like it or not, we’re in this together. Feel free to share your thoughts, even if you disagree. It is human nature to have different ideas about the same topic – called “diversity of thought” – and it is healthy to listen respectfully to others’ ideas.

WHealthy Empowerment Now

I have been in the investment business for over 25 years, and I will never be ashamed to admit that I help my clients build and maintain their wealth so they can enjoy life with more peace of mind.

Why the H?

Because all too often, we think of wealth in terms of greed, gluttony and selfishness.

My goal is to focus on how striving to build and keep your wealth can be done in a Healthy manner.

WHealthy Empowerment

My daily goal is to move toward my goals, even if it is by mere baby steps. To be proud of my accomplishments when I do make those steps toward my goal. And to understand that my failures (of which I have many!) help me understand more about myself and how better to achieve my goals the next day. And in all situations, take these steps without harming myself or others. It is not okay to get ahead at the expense of others. We must build each other up and bring others up with us.

Example? We all know someone who will talk nice to our face, act as if they actually like or appreciate us, and then the minute we turn the other way, they are cutting us down to others or stabbing us in the back to make themselves look better.

“Real Women Straighten Each Other’s Crowns”

WHealthy Empowerment Now!

The Now is just obvious but still needs to be said.

Do It Now

So much easier said than done, am I right?

If you’ve hung in there with me thus far, the one task I would like you to do today is to WRITE DOWN at least one goal that you want to accomplish today, this month, this year – or even someday.

WRITE it down!

I love nothing more than a new, fresh, fun notebook, so I would suggest investing a few dollars in a new notebook for this task, but any paper will do. Remember that goals are achieved at a significantly higher rate when you actually commit your words to paper. And this is for your eyes only, so you should write about whatever comes to mind about moving forward toward your goals and dreams.

If you are afraid of others gaining access to your private thoughts, or aren’t a paper and pen person, there are numerous excellent online journaling apps that are secured with passwords.

Still with me?

I did it! I posted my first article to help others empower themselves to do more.

If you liked this, please let me know! If you have a comment, let me know what you think or what your goal is. And, if you know someone you think would benefit from reading this, please share.

’Til next time, peace & love – Lizz (with two zzs)

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